25 things I wish someone had told me when I was 25

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By: Ed Wimberly, Ph.D., author of PARENTING WITH AN ATTITUDE…21 Questions Successful Parents Ask Themselves

Lot’s of water under the bridge since I was 25!

And as I look back on the years I’ve lived since, there are some things I have discovered-most often the hard way-I wish someone had given to me way back then (not that I would have listened much at the time, but at least I would have had the ideas to think about as I grew older).

So for what it’s worth, here are 25 things I wish someone had told me when I was 25.  And feel free to weigh in and suggest ideas of your own as well.

#1 Be as determined to make a difference as you are to make a buck.

#2 Plan for tomorrow but live for today.

#3 Don’t lose sleep over the things in life you have no control over

#4 Be content with striving for perfection-knowing full well you will seldom achieve it.

#5 Always be involved in something bigger than yourself.

#6 Misunderstandings happen when communication doesn’t

#7 Never take money out of your house to invest.

#8 Be less critical, more compassionate.

#9 Under promise, over perform.

#10 You are most who you really are when you are alone.

#11 Live your life with less pride and more humility.

#12 Be motivated in life by appreciation rather than by obligation (or guilt, professional goals,       expectations of others, etc).

#13 You won’t live forever.

#14 Be guided in your decisions by what is right, rather than by what will work.

#15 Find more in life to laugh about.

#16 Care less about what others think of you and more about what your god thinks of you.

#17 Be more content with “being” as opposed to “becoming”.

#18 Make life an adventure rather than a chore.

#19 Live in such a way that you accumulate few regrets.

#20 Be more willing to say, “I’m sorry.  Will you forgive me?”.

#21 Get in the habit of checking out your assumptions before reacting.

#22 That my feelings, emotions and attitudes are shaped by my behaviors and actions, rather than the other way around.

#23 Recognize the importance of needing others because you love them, rather than loving them because you need them.

#24 You will seldom have the whole picture, so be careful not to respond as if you do.

#25 Who you are today is shaped not so much by the mistakes others have made with you, but rather, by how you choose daily to respond to those mistakes.


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